Recently I attended a reception at the Governor's Mansion for the Log Cabin Republicans. Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. and his wife, Mary Kaye, were gracious and wonderful hosts. Mary Kaye gave a heartfelt speech in regards to her Power IN You organization. There was not a dry eye in the room when she recounted a story of a gay youth who was bullied to a point that he took his own life. In that moment, I felt she understood our plight as a people. I felt her compassion.

Gov. Huntsman decided to tell the story of all the difficulties he went through to adopt his youngest daughter. Why would he tell such a story knowing we cannot adopt? The woman sitting right next to me lost her daughter in a long drawn-out court battle. Utah law does not allow cohabitating couples to adopt.

I challenge Gov. Huntsman to open up his heart and help make a difference.

Cristy Gleave

Salt Lake City