As a member of the LDS Church, I believe I must support same-sex marriages. Even though I can't understand the lifestyle of homosexuals, I do support their rights as human beings. God created them, just as he did everyone else, but he endowed them with different feelings when it comes to attraction and intimacy.

All humans, regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation deserve the same protection and rights under the law. Just as married heterosexual couples are protected when it comes to issues of joint ownership, benefits from the government or the workplace, or the authority to make life and death decisions for a partner, it is very discriminatory to say that a person is judged to be unworthy of these same rights simply because of who they are. Being different should never be the core issue when determining if a person is worthy of being treated as an equal child of God.

Jesus taught us that we are to love one another, to bear one another's burdens, to visit the sick, the poor and the fatherless. Never has he given us a charge to reject anyone.

When we tell someone they are unworthy of the same human rights and protections we enjoy simply because they live and act differently than we do, I have to wonder if Jesus is actually pleased with the way we are handling this issue.

Carlyle Potter

St. George