Julia Redd

PROVO — Prosecutors are concerned that a woman who kidnapped her adult daughter the day before her wedding won't be able to complete the required mental health therapy.

Julia Redd, 58, pleaded guilty in November to a misdemeanor of custodial interference after she and her husband, Lemuel Hardy Redd, drove their 21-year-old daughter, Julianna Redd Myers, to Colorado instead of to a pre-wedding dinner.

As part of the guilty plea in 4th District Court, Julia Redd was ordered to complete a mental health review and spend time in marital counseling, as well as pay a $2,000 restitution fee to her son-in-law, Perry Myers, for the missed dinner.

However, when that mental health review came back, prosecutor Curtis Larson said he had concerns and wrote to Dr. C.Y. Roby, who had conducted the evaluation.

Roby sent back detailed answers to each of Larson's 10 points of concern, including this statement:

"It is my opinion that because Ms. Redd suffers from many ... pathological components for a diagnosis of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, she will find it very difficult to engage positively in treatment," according to the motion filed in 4th District Court.

Roby alluded to previous recommendations, according to the motion, but details were not included in the motion and Larson could not comment on any treatment recommendations.

"I'm looking at it from the fact that the judge has ordered her into treatment; however, we've got the mental health professional indicating she won't complete (it), she won't be able to," Larson said. "The judge has got to modify his order or impose something that he thinks is appropriate, given the circumstance."

He filed the motion, asking Judge James Taylor to review the case after hearing from Dr. Roby. No date has been set yet.

"(Taylor) may completely change his order and delete it out," Larson said. "I don't know. I really don't how how Judge Taylor's going to see it. But because of the sentence imposed, because she's not going to be able to comply, we've gotta bring it back to the court."

The Redds brought Julianna Redd Myers back the next day and she and Perry Myers were married soon after.

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