Title: "So Long at the Fair"

Author: by Christina Schwarz

Publisher: Doubleday

Pages: 244

Price: $24.95

In a nutshell: In the summer of 1963, a plot for revenge destroys a career, a friendship and a family. Unfortunately, the consequences continue to affect the next generation.

Thirty years later, Jon and his wife, Ginny, have marital troubles that drive them gradually apart. As Ginny starts to work for a man with a mysterious connection to her husband's past, Jon continues an extra-marital relationship with Freddie, a young woman he meets on the job.

Meanwhile, Freddie is pursued by Ethan, a seemingly harmless but strange man. Although the subject is adultery, the characters are individually very likable and the author unintentionally teaches a memorable moral. This is a novel with a light touch that could easily be made into a good movie as well.