I keep reading letters from alcohol opponents — the "My View" from Kelly Jarvis (July 10) being the most recent — where they make the ridiculous insinuation that all drinkers are alcoholics and the only reason anyone would drink would be to get drunk. This is just flat-out wrong. The vast majority of drinkers are light to moderate drinkers, people who rarely get drunk, who simply enjoy a glass from time to time with their dinner or while they relax. Believe it or not, the alcohol content is not what makes a good drink. Like most drinkers, I try to buy drinks I will enjoy, not what will make me stupid the fastest.

I understand that some people would rather not have any alcohol in our state at all, but distorting facts and misrepresenting all drinkers as abusers doesn't bolster that position, it only frustrates those of us who have been slandered.

Joe Naylor