Former Salt Lake County Undersheriff Beau Babka will continue to be paid by the county until Sept. 30.

That was some of the information unveiled in the settlement agreement signed by Babka and Sheriff Jim Winder, obtained Thursday by the Deseret News through a request under the Government Records Access and Management Act.

The Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office announced Wednesday morning that Babka had been released from his duties as undersheriff effective closing time the day before.

A source familiar with the settlement who wished to remain anonymous, however, said when the press release was issued, Babka had not officially signed anything yet. The source admitted, however, that negotiations for Babka to step down had been in the works for awhile.

As part of the document titled "settlement agreement and mutual release," Babka "decided to voluntarily resign his position" and "voluntarily waives any right to be appointed to a career service position."

Although the press release said Babka was released from his duties July 8 and he didn't sign the settlement until July 9, the agreement claimed that "Babka's last day of work and responsibility was July 1. Babka was allegedly put on paid leave at the close of the business day on that day, according to the settlement.

"Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office intends to rely on Babka's notice of resignation and seek a permanent replacement for his position. As a result, Babka understands that his election to resign is irrevocable," the agreement said.

Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Paul Jaroscak said the original agreement was for July 1 and was drawn up as such. Although the official closing was delayed, both parties agreed to just sign the original contracts, he said.

Some familiar with the agreement claim Babka was forced to resign. Some say tension between Winder and Babka had been high since Babka applied for the Orange County sheriff's position in California earlier this year. Babka did not get the job.

Babka and Winder, however, are not allowed to talk publicly about the settlement or even say bad things about each other, according to their agreement.

"Neither party will make disparaging remarks regarding the other and will refrain from inappropriate comments regarding the employment relationship," the settlement said.

If Babka says anything negative about Winder, the sheriff's office or his employment relationship with the county, the payments Babka will receive under the agreement will be suspended. If Babka makes any disparaging remarks in public after the payments are completed, he will have to repay two months of base salary back to the county, according to the agreement.

The settlement also said Babka will not sue the sheriff's office, the county or its employees.

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