Kelly Wark

Listen to 911 call

PROVO — Minutes before 34-year-old Kelly Wark shot Lehi Police Capt. Harold Terry twice in the head, she was acting confused at a Lehi gas station, according to a 911 call.

"I'm calling over from Walker's," said an employee of the gas station at 850 E. Main, Lehi, where Wark had just paid for gas. "And I believe we have a driver that's pretty impaired."

The nearly six-minute 911 call obtained by the Deseret News details the conversation between the female employee and a police dispatcher the morning of June 23.

According to dispatch records, just four minutes after the call ended, Wark fired at Terry, then was fatally shot by other police officers.

Terry is recovering in Utah Valley Regional Medical Center from two gunshot wounds to the head. He was hit above his left ear.

The two unnamed officers who shot Wark are back on duty.

The tone of the 911 conversation was calm when it came in at 8:46 a.m.

Neither party knew a traffic stop would end in gunfire.

First, the dispatcher asked the employee to clarify which gas station she was calling from, as well as provide a license plate and color and make of the car. He then asked her name, which she said was Sherri.

"Her plate says ... out of state, I'm trying to read it through binoculars, it looks like Washington," she said. "It is a Honda something, I know the H is on the front."

"What makes you think that she's impaired?" the dispatcher asked.

"Well, me and the guy that

was standing behind her both, I'm the cashier, she was swaying," the employee said, then paused. "Oh, she's still having problems pumping, she hasn't even begun yet."

She explained Wark had come in a few minutes before to pre-pay for $30 in gas.

"I rang it up, she was very sluggish and just kind of lethargic," the employee is heard saying on the 911 recording.

The 911 phone call took place after Wark had already gone back outside to her car but still had not left the premises.

"I want you to watch her," the police dispatcher said. "Let me know the way she drives out and which direction."

The employee agreed and while they waited, described Wark as having "straggly, blondish-colored hair" and being perhaps in her 30s.

Wark's family members said she had struggled for years with mental illness and had recently moved to Provo for a fresh start. She had been enrolled at the Utah College of Massage Therapy in Lindon.

"Like I said, she's done pumping, but she's been sitting in her car ... for quite some time now," the attendant told police.

During the conversation, other dispatchers can be heard in the background, relaying to officers the information about Walker's gas station, Washington plates and a possibly impaired driver.

It was Terry who volunteered to take the call.

"OK, now she's finally turning out of our parking lot, really slow," the female employee said.

From the gas station, all she could tell dispatch was that she saw Wark heading east toward either the freeway or onto Main Street.

Wark stayed on Main Street and ended up in front of another gas station when Terry pulled her over, and the shooting began.

"OK, we'll go ahead and take it from there and see if we can't get a hold of her," the dispatcher told the employee, and seconds later the call ended.

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