Did LaVarr Webb get up on the wrong side of the bed a few days last week or what? ("Energy gets top billing as political issue," Viewpoint section, July 6) Webb lists five things he thinks Americans must do to deal with their energy problems and then insists that any politician or environmentalist who doesn't agree with him "is either terribly naive or a liar" and that "Any politician who argues otherwise is a fraud and should be defeated."

But Webb didn't stop there. He later says, "To continue moratoriums on off-shore drilling, drilling in Alaska or oil-shale development is insane, and almost traitorous." Wow, talk about your good old-fashioned dogmatism! Why doesn't he just go the extra mile and proclaim, "Anyone who disagrees with me should be arrested and killed without a trial? That'll teach them the error of their ways!"

I think op-ed writing should contain a bit more tolerance and balance than this, don't you?

Chuck Tripp

West Valley City