CEDAR CITY — Teachers across Utah are waiting with baited breath as the State Board of Education may approve performance-based compensation plans this afternoon in meetings on Southern Utah University campus in Cedar City.

During the last few months, school districts and charter schools statewide have been developing their own plans to distribute legislative funding based on how well an educator is doing his or her job.

Lawmakers earmarked $20 million in one-time funding for the compensation plans. The money is to be doled out to districts and charter schools based on enrollment.

The districts were required to have their plans to the State Office of Education by June 30.

Many of the performance-based compensation plans are a mix of elements such as test data and teacher assessments.

"This is an experiment," said Larry Shumway, associate superintendent of law, legislation and educational services for the State Office of Education.

He spoke this morning to the state board, joined by members of the Public Education Appropriations Subcommittee; Education Interim Committee; Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee; State Board of Regents and governor's office representatives.

If approved later today, detailed reports of each school district and charter school in the state are slated to be available at www.schools.utah.gov/board/otpbcp/

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