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Jeremy Hauck

FARMINGTON — Accused killer Jeremy Hauck remains mentally incompetent to face trial in the gruesome death of his mother, whose body was found stuffed in a freezer.

During a court hearing here in 2nd District Court on Thursday, the judge said the state mental hospital has asked for more time to evaluate him. Hauck, 20, was not present at the brief hearing.

"The State Hospital requires an additional three to six months," Judge John Morris said, setting a Nov. 13 court date to review the competency status.

Outside of court, Hauck's defense attorney said the young man continues to be evaluated.

"At this point, I don't believe he's been restored to competency," Todd Utzinger said. "They want some more time to observe him since there's some medications they can try."

Utzinger was not sure if doctors had diagnosed Hauck with any specific mental illness, but inferred that no firm diagnosis had been made.

"Obviously, there is some mental illness that is interfering — in their view — with his ability to proceed to trial," he said.

Hauck is charged with first-degree felony murder. Laura Hauck, 52, was found dead in the basement of her Bountiful condo in August 2006. Police said she had been shot in the head and her throat was slashed. Her body was stuffed in a chest-style freezer. It took several days to identify her because her body had been frozen solid, police said.

When family members hadn't heard from Laura for some time, they called police, who made the horrific discovery. Jeremy Hauck was arrested days later at a Montana motel. Police said he had his mother's car and several weapons with him.

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