OREM — Marty Val Hill, a professor in Utah Valley University's Woodbury School of Business, was recently nominated and won two Best of State awards in the category of Community Development. He walked away with the Individual Volunteer award for his volunteer service in the community and the Appointed Official award for his service on the Utah State Board of Pharmacy for the past six years.

Best of State is a Utah public forum for awards and recognition in business, education, government and the arts. The Best of State board of directors consists of business professionals in Utah.

Diagnosed with stage III cancer in late autumn of 2006, Hill was given an 8 percent chance of surviving the winter by one of the world's leading cancer centers in the Northeastern United States, but he overcame the odds.

"I determined to learn from my experience, I redoubled my efforts and continued to build better tomorrows, even tomorrows my physicians doubted I would ever enjoy," Hill said. "My trial is no greater than anyone else's. I'm still here, so what with the life that I've been extended I help contribute in making this world a better place."

The White House also recently recognized Hill with the President's Lifetime Call to Service Award, as well as three Presidential Volunteer Service Awards. Since the awards were established in 2002, Hill has contributed more than 6,000 hours of volunteer service to the community. Nearly half of his service was rendered in the creation of free community-based computer labs and career education centers for underprivileged and minority youth throughout Salt Lake Valley. This summer Hill is working on completing a two-week training project for the Boy Scouts of America as part of a UVU-sponsored Faculty in Industry and Business Externship.

"I feel like as a faculty member I have an obligation to teach outside the classroom," said Hill. "It's a matter of making the world a better place.