Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
John Owen tries to will his ball to the left but it won't drop for him on No. 9 on the Soldier Hollow Silver Course.

110th Utah Men's State Amateur

Soldier Hollow State Park

Gold Course par-72; Silver Course par-72

First-round scores

64 - Devin Daniels (Gold)

66 - Robbie Fillmore (Silver); Andrew Barton (Gold)

68 - Taylor Haws (Silver); Christian Jensen (Silver); Phil Kalivas (Silver); Jeff Holmes (Gold)

69 - Steve Borget (Silver); John Owen (Silver); Zack Blair (Gold)

70 - Doug Bybee (Silver); Nathan Page (Silver); Joe Webber (Silver); O.J. Ainsworth (Gold); Chad Crowther (Gold); Casey Fowles (Gold); Tyler Labrum (Gold); Matt McArthur (Gold); Michael McRae (Gold)

71 - Patrick Fishburn (Silver); Brock Griffith (Silver); Carl Jensen (Silver); Herb Lyons (Silver); Corey Matthews (Silver); Steve Poulson (Silver); Clay Bingham (Gold); Kyle Chappell (Gold); Cameron Crawford (Gold); Brett Garner (Gold); Darrin Overson (Gold); Rockwell Schutjer (Gold)

72 - Brady Boman (Silver); Clark Fredrickson (Silver); Mike Holm (Silver); Mike Mercer (Silver); Nick Nelson (Silver); Adam Ostler (Silver); Bill Probst (Silver); McCoy Willey (Silver); Keaton Woodland (Silver); Jordan Hammer (Gold); Jason Hargett (Gold); Denny Job (Gold); Brandon Kida (Gold); Lance Richards (Gold); Ike Tingey (Gold); Jon Wright (Gold)

73 - Greg Buckway (Silver); Tadd Cox (Silver); Shane Cullimore (Silver); Todd Francis (Silver); Corbin Gale (Silver); Stuart Gold (Silver); Rick Groendyke (Silver); Adam Jones (Silver); Mike Jurca (Silver); Nick Killpack (Silver); James Sutton (Silver); Clark Barton (Gold); Robert McRae (Gold); Jon Morgan (Gold Course); Seth Olson (Gold Course); Stephen Pughe (Gold Course); Jon Rhodes (Gold Course); Elden Richter (Gold Course); Jordan Rodgers (Gold Course); Kirk Siddens (Gold Course); Brady Stanger (Gold Course)

74 - Paul Cannon (Silver); Jesse Clark (Silver); Dallas Dorton (Silver); Jeremy Liddiard (Silver); Garrett Moss (Silver); Braxton Peterson (Silver); Toph Peterson (Silver); Tommy Sharp (Silver); Ashton Casper (Gold Course); Troy Crosland (Gold Course); Michael Curtis (Gold Course); Nate Greene (Gold Course); Jeff Jolley (Gold Course); Gregg Oliphant (Gold Course); Chris Pizza (Gold Course); Dave Poggi (Gold Course); Jeff Powars (Gold Course); Cameron Young (Gold Course)

75 - Dusty Fielding (Silver); Dan Horner (Silver); Clark Jones (Silver); Jeff Jones (Silver); Paul Norman (Silver); Jared Overton (Silver); Jay Phillips (Silver); Stewart Rutter (Silver); Dennis Shaffer (Silver); Gary Stewart (Silver); Jason Struck (Silver); Stephen Archibald (Gold Course); Jared Brader (Gold Course); Sterling Clark (Gold Course); Andrew Cottle (Gold Course); Mark Davis (Gold Course); Garrett Fotu (Gold Course); Casey Halliday (Gold Course); Brandon Hargett (Gold Course); Justin Labrum (Gold Course); Eric Nilsson (Gold Course); Josh Summerhays (Gold Course); Barry Zeller (Gold Course)

76 - Chas Boorman (Silver); Jared Call (Silver); Neal Courtney (Silver); Ryan Kelly (Silver); Tyson Lund (Silver); Brady Machin (Silver); Daniel Smith (Silver); Rob Bachman (Gold Course); Zach Bachman (Gold Course); Nicklaus Despain (Gold Course); Jordan Fowles (Gold Course); Greg Hunt (Gold Course); David Jennings (Gold Course); Matt Magee (Gold Course); Dana Nelson (Gold Course); Troy Owen (Gold Course); Joe Parkinson (Gold Course); Bill Pizza (Gold Course); Ryan Smith (Gold Course); Stephen Styler (Gold Course)

77 - John Akin (Silver); Eric Anderson (Silver); Jong Bark (Silver); Nic Booth (Silver); Guy Child (Silver); John Comish (Silver); Dan Cookson (Silver); Richard Dibblee (Silver); Brady Hereford (Silver); Steven Linck (Silver); Dave Loughton (Silver); Steve Moulton (Silver); Jeff Randle (Silver); Eric Rustand (Silver); Glen Spencer (Silver); Jim Terry (Silver); Jeremy Tye (Silver); Jeff Wilson (Silver); John Busby (Gold Course); Brian Dalsoglio (Gold Course); Robert Hammer (Gold Course); Jacob Holt (Gold Course); Jeff Kitches (Gold Course); Gary Knight (Gold Course); Jason Labrum (Gold Course); Greg Snyder (Gold Course); Jeff Varney (Gold Course); John Zulstra (Gold Course)

78 - Doug Baxter (Silver); Luke Crapo (Silver); Jeff Evans (Silver); J.C. Fillmore (Silver); Bill Grieder (Silver); Nick Harrop (Silver); Rigo Jimenez (Silver); Tom Jones (Silver); Brandt Kuehne (Silver); Kyler Lunt (Silver); Paul McKinney (Silver); Wayne Mitchell (Silver); Brock Padilla (Silver); Reese Richards (Silver); Jeremy Richmond (Silver); Drew Van Orden (Silver); Joseph Wight (Silver); Steele Dewald (Gold Course); Mike Hacker (Gold Course); Daniel Heath (Gold Course); Ryan Job (Gold Course); Kolby Kemp (Gold Course); Matt Lupinacci (Gold Course); Matt Monson (Gold Course); Kelly Peterson (Gold Course); Clint Schreck (Gold Course); Joseph Sheridan (Gold Course); Doug Tingey (Gold Course); Tom Wingert (Gold Course)

79 - David Adam (Silver); Bryant Anderson (Silver); Danny Clark (Silver); Patrick Murphy (Silver); Jesse Needles (Silver); Tony Poole (Silver); Cannon Randall (Silver); Todd Smithson (Silver); Ken Sowby (Silver); Kerry Westenskow (Silver); Ryan Brimley (Gold Course); Blake Broadhead (Gold Course); Brent Bryson (Gold Course); Ryan Eddington (Gold Course); Aaron Flowers (Gold Course); David Keddington (Gold Course); Keith Olson (Gold Course); Alexander Theodore (Gold Course)

80 - Alex Anderson (Silver); Ron Davis (Silver); Craig Gardner (Silver); Davis Garner (Silver); Sterling Jack (Silver); Jeff McDonald (Silver); Brad Millard (Silver); Tristan Paxman (Silver); Nick Smith (Silver); Bjorn Trejo (Silver); Scott Vincent (Silver); Patrick Waldram (Silver); Dan Wolfe (Silver); Brian Beecher (Gold Course); Drew Bicker (Gold Course); Wyatt Burton (Gold Course); Daniel Feldman (Gold Course); Kurt Owen (Gold Course); Dan Parkinson (Gold Course); Ryan Spencer (Gold Course); Derek Squire (Gold Course); Brad Summerhays (Gold Course)

81 - Jairus Anderson (Silver); Jeff Arrington (Silver); Jason Bracken (Silver); Chris Conklin (Silver); Victor Emmel (Silver); Troy Jones (Silver); Troy Lashley (Silver); Brian Pointelin (Silver); Ben Smuin (Silver); Thad Truman (Silver); Tyson Wagner (Silver); Jed Wright (Silver); Mark Geiselmayr (Gold Course); Chris Hermansen (Gold Course); Jeremy Tomsick (Gold Course); Jerry Wilhelmi (Gold Course); Robert Woods (Gold Course)

82 - Curtis Cook (Silver); Daniel Johnson (Silver); Derek Adams (Gold Course); Cory Belnap (Gold Course); Blair Bingham (Gold Course); Scott Mitchell (Gold Course); Todd Morgan (Gold Course); Preston Richards (Gold Course); Curtis Sampson (Gold Course); Tommy Wingert Jr. (Gold Course)

83 - Todd Barker (Silver); David Mayes (Silver); Lorin Sheffield (Silver); Brandon Bickmore (Gold Course); Tad Cannon (Gold Course); Derek Keith (Gold Course); Joseph Kelsey (Gold Course); Stephen Lin (Gold Course); Spencer Shelton (Gold Course); Lance Williams (Gold Course)

84 - Clayton Berg (Silver); Zac Hansen (Silver); John Hansgen (Silver); Collin Wilkinson (Silver); Bruce Bailey (Gold Course); Jon Christensen (Gold Course); Coby Duffin (Gold Course); Devon Peterson (Gold Course); John Tagge (Gold Course); Gary Whited (Gold Course)

85 - Taylor Edwards (Silver); Trent Smith (Silver); Chance Cota (Gold Course); Michael Hatch (Gold Course); Kurt Jamison (Gold Course); Eric Loosle (Gold Course); Kingsley Sullivan (Gold Course); Dan West (Gold Course)

88 - Nick Parmley (Silver)

89 - Michael Burnham (Gold Course)

90 - Bryan Metzler (Gold Course)

91 - Josh Meyer (Gold Course)

92 - Chris Killian (Silver)

98 - Kevin Averett (Gold Course)

DQ - Hyeon Moon (Gold Course)

NC - Corey Creger (Silver); Shaun Rowley (Gold Course); Dennis Skiby (Gold Course)

NS - Jason Jacobson (Silver); Levi Smuin (Gold Course)

WD - Chris Larsen (Silver); Jon Linnett (Silver); Bob Mitchell (Silver); Chase Hite (Gold Course)