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Brooke White

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Brooke White was tying up loose ends before she embarked on the "American Idols Live" tour.

"I have to take sufficient things with me, but not too much," White said during a mobile phone call from Van Nuys, Calif. "I personally feel the tour is going to be exciting. But I have some things to do before I take off."

The tour, which is in Salt Lake City Monday and Tuesday, runs through the middle of September. White thinks being away that long requires some mental adjustments.

"The other day I was able to paint my living room," she said. "And I cleaned the house. I did laundry. It And I got to go to church."

White is one of the two members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on the tour. (The other, for those of you who have been living under a rock the past couple of months, is Murray resident David Archuleta.)

"Church plays a significant part in my life as to proving a foundation for me to make choices," White said. "It helps to keep my priorities in order. It doesn't mean it's always easier, but it makes it more clear for me and gives me a place to start from.

"I don't always make the right choices, but I do know church and prayer have helped me make the right ones at times. And I've had alot of blessings along the way."

White knows her life will never the same after appearing on "American Idol." And she felt lucky that she was able to play guitar, keyboard and piano as well as sing.

"I was so grateful that this year they let us play instruments because it really helped me. And kind of showed who I was and what I was good at," said White, who cited '70s singer/songwriters and soul artists as her main musical influences. "I wanted my influences to be heard, and that helped show where I was coming from."

During the tour, White is performing songs with her guitar and piano.

"We just did a rehearsal run-through the other day," she said in late June. "Everyone, with the exception of the two Davids, will sing three songs on their own. And then Archuleta will sing four and Cook will sing five.

"It is a great feeling this time because there are no pressures of the competition that we had in the show."

White did say that Archuleta was one of the nicest people anyone could ever meet. "He is so sweet and is a wonderful person."

After the tour, White said she has some ideas that she would like to pursue.

"I look forward to putting together an album. (White already has one independently released CD, 2005's 'Songs from the Attic.') And then, obviously, a family.

"I feel that my talent is a gift, and I need to use it, but I would also like to raise a family. I've got musical goals and I've got family goals."

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