I get so tired of the people who claim that drilling for oil in our own oil reserves will somehow not help lower prices and contribute to the world supply. How can it not help? It certainly can't hurt.

A letter in Tuesday's forum claimed oil from ANWR would only last for six months. Let's look at the logic. If there were only a six-month supply of oil, why would there be so much desire to drill there? Canada has been drilling on their side of ANWR for years.

The next argument was about the species that will be upset. Let's just talk caribou. Caribou herds have only increased along the Alaskan pipeline. Crude oil needs to be at a certain temperature to move through the pipeline. In the middle of a frozen wasteland, the pipeline is a heat source for the Caribou.

Finally, I would ask that people opposed to drilling for our own oil do the rest of us a favor, get rid of their cars and start walking or riding a bike everywhere they go. To me, this is the only way people opposed to drilling can have any credibility.

Brent Eldredge