In seven years we have watched constitutional protections, rights and freedoms eroded, denied or obliterated. For our abject passivity, we should be ashamed.

The current administration has confounded and outfoxed us with a rapid-fire series of gambits that enhance a secretive, underhanded campaign to aggregate all power in the hands of the office of the president only.

Habeas corpus — poof — nearly gone.

Freedom of speech is allowed in restricted, cordoned zones only.

Freedom of the press — the fourth estate was intimidated until it became part of the propaganda echo machine.

Freedom from unreasonable search and seizure is now splayed on the guillotine awaiting the final death knell from Congress.

Felonious Fourth Amendment violations by the government and telecommunication companies are about to be given immunity from civil prosecution by a compliant Congress.

Many in this zombie nation may not care, but I want my Constitution back.

Dennis L. Kay

Salt Lake City