Church guidelines

The LDS Church provides youth handcart trek guidelines, which include information on how stake presidencies and bishoprics can safely organize and conduct handcart activities. A list of safety guidelines can be found on the church's Web site (

The guidelines instruct trek leaders to give careful attention to the following:

• Spiritual development

• Physical preparation

• Physical and mental challenges of participants

• Age recommendations (youth under age 14 usually do not participate in trek activities. See guidelines for youth conferences in the Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 2, page 188)

• Adult leadership

• Adequate food and water

• Adequate clothing and shelter

• Appropriate sanitary facilities

• Local camping and fire regulations

• Travel costs and distance

The guidelines also instruct leaders to take all necessary precautions to ensure that participants are safe throughout the trek. Licensed health care professionals, at least one physician or other skilled health care professional, and one nurse or emergency medical technician are recommended to attend the trek. The guidelines instruct all adult leaders to be trained to monitor the hydration and general well-being of participants.