Handcart information

Mormon handcart trek sites often offer handcarts to participants, in some cases for a fee. The Web site www.handcarttreks.com lists several trek sites around the nation:

Mormon Handcart Historical Sites in Wyoming: Includes Martin's Cove, Sixth Crossing and Rocky Ridge. Handcarts are available (307-324-5356).

Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch, Woodruff, Utah: Handcarts offered for rent, $5 a day per handcart. Handcarts are transported on a trailer, which costs $250 (435-793-4288).

Deseret Cattle and Citrus, St. Cloud, Fla. — Handcarts provided for a $15 fee per person (407-892-3672).

Sooner Cattle Company, Pawhuska, Okla. — Handcarts offered for a maintenance fee of $25 per cart (981-287-4355).

South Valley Farms, Wasco, Calif. — Handcarts are available for rent (661-391-9000).

Elberta Valley Ag at Mosida Lodge, Elberta, Utah — Offers treks with handcarts.

Bing Canyon Pioneer Camp, Plymouth, Wash. — Supplies handcarts for a fee (509-643-4302 or 509-947-6375).