The following story was told to me by a friend, now deceased:

Spring was late coming to Vernal this year. There wasn't a blossom in sight, yet I knew the hummingbirds would be arriving in early May as they had done for many years.

I went to my garage and found the box where I kept the feeders that I faithfully hung under the eaves every spring. The hummingbirds would expect to find them filled with sweet syrup. I mixed the sugar and water in a jar and put it in the refrigerator in anticipation of filling the feeders when the birds appeared. -->

When the hummingbirds arrived, it was as if they knew I had been expecting them. They hovered close to my window with their beaks occasionally hitting the glass and their wings vibrating furiously. "I see you little birds," I said. "I'll bring you something to eat."

I filled the feeders, took them outdoors and hung them in the usual place near the window. As I stood watching my little friends hungrily sampling the sweet syrup, a young hummingbird flew through the open door and onto the enclosed porch. Realizing its error, it began to hit every window and wall in a desperate attempt to free itself. I held the door wide open hoping it would fly that direction, but to no avail.

"Please, Lord, let me help this little one," I prayed silently. Then holding out my finger, I spoke softly and calmly. "Little bird, if you will just light on my finger, I'll carry you out."

For that brief moment, we communicated spirit to spirit. The frightened hummingbird flew down to my outstretched hand and stayed there until I carried it out to safety.

God does care for all his creations. Doesn't the scripture say, "Not one of them shall fall on the ground without your Father knowing" (Matt. 10:29 )?

Ruby Lynn Hopkin lives in Powell, Wyo.