A CD inspired by the stories of Joseph and Emma Smith was released in June — just in time for Emma's 204th birthday, which is July 10.

"Love, Emma," released by Covenant Communications, has 10 tracks, all written and performed by Patti Lynn Jensen in her first LDS music release.

Two ballads on the CD, "A Great and Marvelous Work" and "Children of Faith," can be found on the DVD version of the feature film "Emma Smith: My Story."

"Love, Emma" is a rather serious-sounding tribute to the wife of the Prophet. In the liner notes before each song lyric, Jensen includes a personal note about Emma and Joseph. Before the lyrics for "Children of Faith," Jensen writes: "Emma and Joseph were very spiritual children. They were both searching at the same time in their lives for truth. Emma knew without a doubt that what Joseph told her was the truth and she never doubted."

Through studying about Emma, Jensen was inspired by her story of faith in times of adversity, as well as her love for her husband, which she often expressed through letters. Jensen captured those sentiments in the album's title track.

"This song, 'Love, Emma,' has helped me feel a little of what Emma must have felt as she waited for the return of her husband," Jensen writes.

Molly Farmer

Deseret News