PROVO — Two Lehi officers who fatally shot a woman after she fired twice at Lehi Police Captain Harold Terry have been approved to come back to work.

The two officers, whose names police have not released, were responding as back up for Terry while he made a traffic stop on June 23 just before 9 a.m. at 1000 E. Main Street in Lehi.

The officers watched as Terry got out of the car to talk with 34-year-old Kelly Wark of Washington, who had been called in by a gas-station attendant as a possible impaired driver.

Shortly after Terry got to the car, Wark pulled a .38 caliber handgun and fired twice, hitting Terry in the left side of the head, just above his ear.

Wark got out of the car and was shot down by the responding officers.

"The officers involved have been cleared administratively in their role in the accident," said Lehi Police Lt. Darren Paul. "They're anticipated to be back to work at the end of this week, or the first of next week."

Terry, who has been in the hospital since the shooting, has been moved out of the intensive care unit, Paul said, and is working with therapists.

"His recovery is moving forward, moving at a slow pace, but we're still encouraged," Paul said.

The shooting was reviewed by a multi-jurisdictional agency of county officers, as well as the Utah County Attorney's Office.

They ruled the shooting was justified and did not constitute excessive force, Paul said.

The Lehi Police Department also reviewed the incident to see if protocol was followed.

Wark had been dealing with mental illnesses for several years and it's unknown if she was on or off medication at the time of the shooting.

Before coming back to work, Paul said the men also have to go through a counseling process and be evaluated by a therapist to ensure that they're "mentally fit" to return, Paul said.

The men have done that and Paul said they're now waiting for the therapists written reports to come back.

The police and multi-jurisdiction agency are still waiting for autopsy and toxicology reports, as well as ballistic tests.

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