In the federal system, it's not uncommon for agents to request warrants to seize cars, boats, even aircraft, suspected of being used to smuggle drugs — but two old, worn-out tires?

In a warrant filed in U.S. District Court on Tuesday, agents with the DEA ask the court's permission to seize, not four, but two BF Goodrich tires with rims.

According to the warrant, agents received a tip that a shipment of illegal drugs was being sent to Salt Lake City via a national parcel courier. The shipment was traced to a delivery truck, which was scheduled to deliver the shipment to a business on July 3. The truck was intercepted and a drug dog detected traces of drugs. In the corner of the truck were two "old and worn ... and heavily scuffed" tires. Agents found it odd that someone would want to pay almost $400 to have two old tires shipped from California to Salt Lake City.

Agents waited for the tires to be delivered to the shop and waited to see if someone would pick them up. After a while, agents went into the shop and secured the tires.

The DEA was granted permission by a federal judge to look inside the tires. No word yet from DEA what they found.