Another gang shooting in Glendale and just two blocks from the Sorensen Glendale Youth Recreation center. How could this be? Isn't the idea of a rec center to keep kids out of trouble?

What if Rocky Anderson had built a church there instead of a rec center? (Oh wait, there was an old church on that corner and it was demolished to build the rec center.)

And what if parents took their children to church and taught them not to be selfish and not to get tattoos and not to wear clown pants and not to get piercings and not to be anti-social gangsters? What if there was no rec center and parents made their children do yard work and spend time as a family? What if the community didn't tolerate gangs? Oh wait, that would be intolerant, and we must accept "alternate" lifestyles. Maybe we need more rec centers. Has anyone tried midnight basketball?

Vardell Taylor

West Jordan