Porking out

So many hot dogs, so little time.

San Jose, Calif. resident Joey Chestnut wolfed his way to victory in the Nathan's Fourth of July International Hot Dog Contest at Coney Island on Friday.

Chestnut and Japan's Takeru Kobayashi tied by eating 59 dogs in 10 minutes, but Chestnut won in a five-wiener overtime.

Last year Chestnut won by gobbling 66 in 12 minutes. But the contest was shortened to 10 minutes to coincide with the original 1916 Coney Island contest.

Besides, why go the extra two minutes?

Wouldn't want to make them look like pigs.

Home security

Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis is fighting mad. Again.

In May he was fined and suspended for criticizing refs after a loss ... Thursday night he erupted again, saying he was exasperated by MLS officials.

"Every 50-50 call goes against us," he said.

In post-game remarks, Kreis added that "every single week we play here (in Salt Lake) I feel like we're playing away."

Does he mean to say home teams are actually supposed to get preferential treatment?

Next thing you know they'll be telling us soccer players fake injuries.

View to a kill?

There was the time he said the best punch he ever threw was against his wife. And the jail sentence for raping a beauty queen. And the car crashes and cocaine and bankruptcy.

Can it get worse for Mike Tyson?

Of course it can. Boxing's ex-champ is now being linked to a murder plot.

Witnesses in a racketeering case in New York contend Tyson financed a proposed hit on a man who had killed Tyson's former bodyguard.

The ex-boxer says it's all garbage, saying in a statement that he's "tired of people throwing my name around."

Yeah, that's bad.

Almost as bad as throwing your wife around.

Friends of A-Rod

Another Big Apple rumor is that Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and pop star Madonna are an item.

Reports say Rodriguez's wife Cindy is filing for divorce. Considering Rodriguez has been spotted coming from Madonna's apartment at night, and that she's been seen in A-Rod's seats in Yankee Stadium, and considering she has that wild child reputation, well ...

Still, Madonna's publicist says the relationship is merely a platonic friendship.

Where will it all end?

Like the pop star's song says, "You'll See."

Still in the game

The L.A. Times is reporting the latest performance-enhancing drug is Viagra.

Experts say the drug increases the supply of oxygen to the bloodstream, which bolsters energy, which could conceivably improve sports production.

This just in: Mike Ditka has been named a preseason All-Pro.

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