PROVO — As patrol boats continue to search Utah Lake for the 25-year-old man who went missing over the weekend, his family said they have found peace.

When Craig Decker of West Jordan dove into Utah Lake and did not surface, his father, Lyle Decker, said it was a frantic time for his family. But in the ensuing days, he and his family have come to terms with his passing.

They also said they want others to find peace as well.

"He would want that," Decker said about his son. "He would not want you to feel hurt."

Lyle Decker also said they have been overwhelmed by the amount of support the community has shown his family. He was surprised to see all of the condolences they have received from across the nation from people who knew their son.

He is certain searchers will find their son's body.

Utah County Sheriff's Office deputy Spencer Cannon said that searchers continued to use sonar to look for Decker's body. The number of searchers has been reduced today, to 27, because sonar works best when the water's are calm.

Their efforts are focused on an area about four square miles, but they haven't found anything yet.

But for the Deckers, it's just a matter of time before they find the body.

"We have no worries about that," Lyle said.

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