SPRINGVILLE — Police here said a man was transported to a hospital Saturday after shooting himself while playing with a loaded handgun.

Officers who responded to the scene said the man, 27, was "heavily intoxicated" when they arrived and also found marijuana and drug paraphernalia at his residence. Springville Police Cpl. Gary Carter said the man was "goofing off" with the .357-caliber revolver when it fired.

"We aren't sure if he was trying to do a quickdraw while he was sitting down, but it didn't go well," Carter said. "The gun discharged, and the man was hit in the side."

In addition to the marijuana and paraphernalia, police also recovered a total of 11 guns and illegal fireworks.

The man is recuperating at Utah Valley Regional Medical Center, and Carter said he will face charges following his release. The man is a convicted felon and legally forbidden from owning firearms. In addition, he lives near Springville Junior High — putting him in a "drug-free zone" — a fact that enhances charges for drug and drug paraphernalia possession.