New members of the state's ethnic advisory councils include Carlos Linares, former president of the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and James Evans, chairman of the Salt Lake County Republican Party.

The two are among appointments Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. made recently to the Black and Hispanic advisory councils to the State Office of Ethnic Affairs.

Michael Styles, director of Black Affairs, says the councils are composed of people from all walks of life and political viewpoints — from community advocates to business leaders.

"It's important that we have every view represented from the black community," said Styles. "We have an attorney, a principal of a junior high school, a doctor ... a person who has a GED."

The councils are a voice for the needs of the state's ethnic communities. Members meet regularly to discuss their findings and make recommendations about improving state services to the ethnic community.

"Every council member ultimately has to answer to the pulse of the community," said Forrest Crawford, a former advisory council member. "What's put forward has to stand to the scrutiny of the community at large."

Jesse Soriano, director of Ethnic Affairs, said the advisory council members have "significant professional experience and credentials. They are individuals who will be of great help in our ethnic communities."

The appointments are:

Black Advisory Council: Osman M. Ahmed; Marlin Ray Clark; Marguerite Arleen Driessen; Rod A. Goode; Muriel Joan; Lee Wosnjuk; Arthur James Mance Jr.; Louis Napoleon; Tamu Smith; Dr. Eloise Skelton; James Evans; Avery Anthony Bocage; Tyler Bushnell. They'll join existing council members Debra Geter-Charleston, chairwoman; Amadou Niang, vice chairman; and Verdo L. Thomas.

Hispanic Advisory Council: Carlos Linares, chairman; Joe Juan Mena, vice chairman; Rosalba Dominguez; Aruaueni Olivares; Ingrid Quiroz; Sylvia Garcia Rickard; Matilde Teixeira. They'll join existing members: Juan Carlos Vazquez; Natalia Socalche; Nolberto Castro; and Sally E. Valdez.