The Jazz's ability to land longtime Los Angeles Clippers swingman Corey Maggette is looking more and more long shot by the day.

As many predicted earlier this week, the Golden State Warriors — with newfound money after point guard Baron Davis opted out of his contract and committed to the Los Angeles Clippers — now are in the mix for Maggette.

Multiple reports today suggested as much.

The Philadelphia Inquirer today also cited an unidentified "NBA source" as saying the 76ers, one of NBA's few teams with money to spend under the

league's team payroll salary cap, "had made contact with" Maggette "and hope to speak with him next week."

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Express-News reported today that "it appears

(Maggette) is heading into the holiday weekend a little bit closer to becoming a Spur than he was before the week began," and that an unidentified "source close to the negotiations said Thursday that, though no deal is imminent, talks between the Spurs and Maggette are serious and the interest is mutual."

According to the Express-News, "the Spurs are believed to have offered Maggette a multi-year deal, starting with their $5.8 million midlevel exception."

Elsewhere today, the Boston Globe — one day after a competing newspaper denied its report that Maggette had received an offer from Boston — reported that "a day after talking with Celtics coach Doc Rivers, a longtime family friend, Maggette said he is seriously considering an offer to join the NBA champions (and that) he is still in awe about being contacted by the Celtics and has been mulling over their contract offer as well as interest from several other teams."

The Globe again cited an unidentified "NBA source" as saying the Celtics offered Maggette "the full midlevel exception," which is a five-year deal starting at about $5.8 million next season.

And one other team not initially mentioned in Maggette reports, the Cleveland Cavaliers, now are said by multiple accounts to have interest as well.

The Jazz?

They continue to be listed in multiple reports as being among the half-dozen or so teams with legitimate interest — and with good reason, according to indications from within the organization.

But the capped-out Jazz are armed with nothing more than a midlevel-exception deal either, and if Maggette were to spurn Golden State's and Philadelphia's overtures and sign instead with an over-the-cap team it seems he may be more inclined to take San Antonio's or Boston's money than Utah's.