Chuck Baldwin, Constitution Party candidate for president of the United States, has a solution for illegal immigration. His plan is to cut off illegal immigrants' food supply, therefore forcing them to return to Mexico and other impoverished countries. I couldn't help wonder what Mr. Baldwin would propose if some remained in our great nation. Concentration camps in our western desert? Maybe gas chambers or some other method of mass extermination? Think it couldn't happen in America? It happened in Germany; it was called the Holocaust.

What I find most disturbing is Mr. Baldwin professes to be an ordained minister and follower of our Saviour. I for one will be not supporting Mr. Baldwin or anyone else with similar extremist views for any public office. As a practicing Latter-day Saint, I am very concerned at how judgmental and irrational many of my faith have become over this issue. I sincerely believe we would all be better served by following the counsel of LDS Church leaders and bringing a degree of humanity back to this important issue.

Neil Thomas