Sandy police are issuing a warning and a reminder about strangers following an incident at a child's lemonade stand last week.

On June 28, two 11-year-old girls were selling lemonade near 10600 South and 700 East when a man purchased a cup. The man started asking the girls questions, such as "Where do you live?" "Are your parents home?" and "Where do you go to school?" said Sandy Police Sgt. Victor Quezada.

While the man was talking, he would dump his lemonade on the ground and continue to buy more cups, Quezada said. This went on for up to 10 minutes before one of the girls' mothers noticed the man was hanging around the lemonade stand a long time and went outside to investigate.

"He just bolted," Quezada said.

The man got into his car and quickly drove off, dumping a load of lumber that was tied to his roof, he said. The man did not stop or return to get his lumber.

The mother was able to get a license plate number. Police went to the residence to which the plate was registered but discovered the man no longer lived there.

The man was described as a Caucasian in his late 30s with a chubby build, brown hair and glasses. Anyone with information on the man can call police at 840-4000.

The incident is a good reminder for parents to educate their children about being safe. "Things can happen so quickly, but you can't watch your kids 24-7," he said.

Parents should always know what their children are doing, Quezada said. They should also give their children friendly reminders to always inform them where they are or where they are going.

If children are selling lemonade and feel uneasy about the person buying because of either their questions or body language, Quezada said the children should make up an excuse, like telling the customer they're closing, and then walk away.

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