The new motor vehicle revisions law (HB151) is fundamentally flawed. I can deduce from the law's wording that those who drive without automobile insurance are considered unsafe or at-risk drivers. This is a flawed assumption.

My sister does not have auto insurance. It is simply a matter of money. She literally must choose between purchasing auto insurance or buying diapers and food for her two children.

Last night, she was returning home from work at approximately 12:30 a.m. She was not speeding, driving erratically or driving an unsafe or unregistered car. A police officer ran her license plate, determined she had no insurance and pulled her over.

A tow truck was called, and my sister was left by the side of the road. She was forced to walk home.

Please tell me how a law that leaves a young mother stranded in the dark is beneficial to the state of Utah.

Kathryn van Roosendaal