Title: "The Divorce Party"

Author: by Laura Dave

Publisher: Viking

Pages: 246

Price: $24.95

In a nutshell: Gwyn and Thomas Huntington are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary in a most unusual way. They're toasting their divorce — and inviting their two grown children, their children's significant others and a host of friends. It is held at Huntington Hall, their long-time home on the east end of Long Island. The whole thing produces anxiety for the guests, and twice as much in Gwyn, the still very-attractive wife. She's been told by Thomas that the divorce is to allow him to pursue his new interest in Buddhism with vigor.

It soon becomes apparent that Thomas is deceiving her. In fact, he is running off with a younger woman. The novel reflects an actual trend among higher-end couples who are really having such parties. The novel is cleverly done and well-written, with very likable characters.