Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
Velvet Graybeal, left, gets daughter Karli ready for Freedom Festival's Colonial Days Grand March parade with the help of Kimberli Grant Wednesday.

OREM — Brokers hawking tickets to the Miley Cyrus fireworks-and-concert show on Friday say there are plenty of passes still available — and you won't have to max out credit cards to get them.

"If anyone wants to go, there's plenty of tickets on the market for it," said Bob Hunt, owner of Premier Tickets in Salt Lake City.

Hunt said his business didn't buy an overwhelming amount of tickets for the event when they went on sale in April. Since, he's been able to satisfy all of his customers who are interested in going to Stadium of Fire, the capstone event of America's Freedom Festival at Provo.

"If you listen to some of these media reports, it's like all these ticket brokers went out and bought a ton, you know, 20 percent of the arena and they're making a killing," Hunt said. "And it's not true — I wish it was."

Hunt, who has been in business for 20 years, said he has plenty of customers who know they can come to him for a fair price and a good seat, without a lot of hassle. He said his customers are happy to only have to make one phone call to find tickets to the event they're looking for.

"All of these rumors about them going for thousands of dollars is a bunch of B.S.," said Stan Johnson, owner of Tickets Today Inc. in Sandy. "I've got tickets right now that are going for $75 each — $75 to $300 each, depending on where they're at — and most of them are around $100 each."

He said he got a number of the tickets online and a number by standing in line the day they went on sale.

He wasn't alone that day. Utahns lined up outside the box office at Brigham Young University on April 4, hoping to snag tickets to Cyrus' show. Tickets for the 58,000-seat Independence Day event sold out in about 10 minutes, officials said.

In addition to Cyrus, who may be best known for her hit Disney show, "Hannah Montana," the Stadium of Fire will feature the Blue Man Group.

The emcee is Glenn Beck, who hosts a syndicated radio talk show and a show on CNN Headline News.

At first, Johnson said, interest in the concert, which will be broadcast to U.S. troops around the world, was fairly high, but has recently dropped off.

A number of the people offering tickets online on Web sites like or, however, aren't exactly what they seem to the buyer, he said.

"Most of those people are listing my seats or other people's seats," Johnson said. "They don't really have them anyway."

Police at Brigham Young University are going to be on the lookout for forged tickets, BYU Police Lt. Arnold Lemmon said.

Forgeries of tickets to Cyrus' concert have shown up at other concert venues. He said these days it's all too easy for a person to forge tickets by photocopying an e-ticket bought online.

"We hope people aren't defrauded," Lemmon said. "But we anticipate some of that."

Lemmon said those interested in selling their tickets on the day of the concert outside the stadium need to be aware of the Provo city ordinance governing such activity. He quoted the ordinance, which he said officers will be enforcing on the day of the concert.

"It shall be unlawful for any person to resell, or offer for resale, any ticket of admission or other evidence of the right of entry to any athletic contest, concert theater performance, amusement, exhibition or other entertainment event to which the general public is admitted within 750 feet of a ticket office for such contest, or event of public entrance to such contest or event."

The way his department will enforce the ordinance, he said, would be to send ticket sellers north and south of the barricades located on Canyon Road west of the stadium. Officers will warn and take down personal information from any offenders. The information will be entered into a database, and officers will then cite any person found offending the ordinance for the second time.

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