A new study about National Institutes of Health research grants ranks Utah eighth among states for new business activity for every $1 million in NIH funding.

The report from Families USA shows that Utah generated $2.3 million, above the national average of $2.21 million.

The report said that in fiscal 2007, Utah received $153 million in funding, which led to the creation of 3,003 new jobs, $130 million in total wages and an average wage of $43,271 from those new jobs.

Nationally, nearly $23 billion in NIH research funding in fiscal 2007 led to the creation of more than 350,000 jobs. That generated more than $18 billion in wages and spurred more than $50 billion in business activity.

Between 80 percent and 90 percent of the federal dollars NIH sends to states funds research that takes place at universities, medical research centers, hospitals and research institutes.