PROVO — Police arrested a Provo man early Saturday morning on suspicion of a terroristic threat against the police.

According to an affidavit of probable cause, the man, 32, had been the subject of a restraining order after his wife said she had received numerous threats from the man and was concerned for her safety.

The couple had been separated recently and the threats were made to her on the phone as well as some verbal threats in the presence of police, the court document said.

Friday the protective order had been modified and according to the report an officer made contact with the man in an attempt to deliver the modified order. The man then threatened the officer saying "I will get a gun and come to the police station and shoot you — not you specifically, but the police," the report says.

Police officials felt the man was capable of fulfilling the threat so they listed a statewide officer safety bulletin after the threat was made.

The man is being held in the Utah County Jail and awaits his first appearance in 4th District Court on July 7.