The ball Barry Bonds launched for his record-breaking 756th home run took a strange turn Tuesday on its possible path to the Hall of Fame.

First, the Hall announced it wouldn't take the asterisk-stamped souvenir because talks with its owner broke down over whether the ball would be loaned or donated. Hours later, the man who paid $752,467 for the prize presented a different view.

"At this time, the ball is en route to the Hall of Fame," fashion designer Marc Ecko said. "I hope that they will accept it and honor their commitment to display it at some point in time." Ecko spokesman Laurie Baker said the ball would be offered as a "permanent donation."

Not since Boston's Doug Mientkiewicz caught the last out of the 2004 World Series has a Hall-bound ball caused so much commotion. It was uncertain whether the Bonds ball would actually wind up inside the shrine at Cooperstown, N.Y.