Patti Eddington
Mary Hogue's "Spirit of Sundance" gourd carving will be among the artworks on display at Peteetneet Academy and Museum.

PAYSON — According to legend, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, or Pte-san-win-yan, restored many sacred things to the Lakota tribe.

Artist Mary Hogue captured this legend in her giant gourd carving, on display in the Lee Staheli Western Room at the Peteetneet Academy and Museum.

Legend has it that the woman appeared to the American Indians during a time of great suffering. Among the things restored to them was the sacred C'anupa, the Pipe of Pipes, which the American Indians believe achieves union with "all beings and with all things of the world," said Hogue.

The Calf Woman also restored the Seven Sacred Rites: the Sun Dance ceremony, the Vision Quest ceremony, the Making of a Relative ceremony, a children's ceremony called Throwing of the Sacred Ball, the Womanhood ceremony, Keeping of the Spirit ceremony and the Purification ceremony.

"Before she left, she told them she would return at a crossroads of time when the world would be in turmoil and nature would be out of balance," Hogue said. "The sign of her return would be the birth of white buffalo calves, several of which have been born in the last decade."

The tribe still practices the Sundance Ceremony on summer solstice, June 21, which Hogue says is a gathering of people at sacred sites around the earth, coming together to pray for the healing of the earth and to restore harmony and balance to all things.

While she grows many of her gourds, Hogue obtained this large gourd from California. She researched the "Spirit of the Sundance" legend before beginning her carving and found that it encompasses positive energy.

"You get what you focus on. I believe that if you focus on the Sundance message (which is positive thinking), you will find that it can bring about a positive change in your life, in the world and in your future generations," she said. Hogue has other work online at

Other exhibiting artists are the Hone family, David New, Cannon Hamaker, Bob Palmer, Dave Cook, Janine Law, Sherrell Stewart, Lanny Hathaway, Candice Osborn, Travis Oakey, Kelly Thurgood, David Dean and Nanette Olsen.

Wood carvings, carved ostrich eggs, sculptures, paintings and drawings in a variety of media are all part of the show.

If you go ...

What: Peteetneet Art Show

Where: Peteetneet Academy and Museum, 10 N. 600 South, Payson

When: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., July 7-31

Cost: Free

E-mail: [email protected]