ALPINE — A bed and breakfast that has been in the works since last December received the final go-ahead from the City Council last week, which would make it the first hotel-like business in any of the north county bedroom communities.

The bed and breakfast will be called the Alpine Creek Inn and will be located at 235 S. Main. Since December, Kodiak Builders and Red Deer Construction have partnered on the project that initially was planned to be a bed and breakfast only, but was changed earlier this year to include a reception center within the facility as well.

"Everything is still the same since earlier this year," said Brandon Holland, a representative of Kodiak Builders. "We are just at the point now where they are approving everything we have submitted for the past few months."

The 10,000-square-foot bed and breakfast will consist of themed rooms along with the 96-person capacity reception center. While the builders would not divulge an estimate of how much the building would cost to build, Holland did say that it was definitely a high-end project.

Holland also said that some of the slowdown between earlier meetings had to do with funding assurances. He said that their lenders have now said that once the city approves the plan and issue a building permit then they will start the funding.

"So we are hoping that by the first of August we will be able to get things going," he said. "We are hoping to be done in nine to 10 months, so May is our goal to be opening."

The council passed the site plan with a 3-1 vote after being assured from the planning commission and fire chief that the plan looked good. The building would sit just across the street from a new Community Center, which private residents are in the process of seeking funding for.

Alpine Mayor Hunt Willoughby said that he thought the site plan looked good and he hopes that there is a real need for a facility like this so that they will have success in Alpine.

"I wish them well, and it will be interesting to see how it works out," said Willoughby. "If the arts center goes through across the street then a lodging facility for the artists could help the two work hand in hand."

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