SANDY — West-side representatives of the freshly split Jordan School District are working on a letter asking the east side of Jordan District to come to the table one more time in hopes of reaching an agreement regarding dividing assets.

The letter is expected to be finished and delivered within the next couple of weeks, according to David J. Jordan, counsel for the west side.

The intent is "once again to encourage them to re-engage in the negotiation process," Jordan said. He is an attorney with Stoel Rives in Salt Lake City.

He added the west-side transition team has some new ideas — "ways to think about a fair division of properties."

Jordan declined to specify exactly what would be outlined in the letter.

In November, east-side residents voted to split from the district and form their own school district.

Since early spring transition teams representing both sides have been trying to agree on a plan to split the district's assets and liabilities. A number of proposals have been presented but no agreements have been reached.

The east-side transition team declared earlier this month that negotiations were at an impasse.

Ralph Haws, chairman of the west transition team, said the west side isn't ready to declare an impasse. "We're asking our attorney to make one more attempt in hopes of returning to the negotiation table," he said.

Steve Newton, chairman of the east transition team that is dealing with asset issues, said the team will read the letter and go from there.

John Bennion, chairman of the east transition team that is dealing with education-specific issues, said he believes there is a great desire to settle. "If there is a possibility for a compromise that is mutually agreeable, people would welcome that to solve this issue," he said. "I can't imagine the east side wouldn't be open to these ideas."

However, if nothing has changed, and it's the same old proposal from the west side, Bennion said, he doubts the east side will go for it. "If nothing has changed, then what is there to talk about?" he said.

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