My husband is a state delegate. When he was chosen to be a delegate, most people at our precinct caucus meeting were interested to know if he was going to vote for Chris Cannon. He responded that he didn't know. He would have to attend the candidates' meetings before making a decision. He went to at least two meetings each for Leavitt, Cannon and Chaffetz and came away with the decision he was going to support Chaffetz at the state convention.

Instead of looking at himself, Chris Cannon blames the state delegates' behavior for his loss. When more than 70 percent of Cannon's fundraising comes from outside the state of Utah, it's clear that his interests aren't with his 3rd District constituents but with lobbyists. He blames his supporters for "going to the lake" instead of voting, but then tells them he's happy he lost. Well, maybe that's why they went to the lake. They knew he doesn't really care.

Karen McCabe