A defective fire sprinkler caused quite a mess at the Salt Lake County Government Complex Wednesday.

Water from the leaky sprinkler flooded the east side of the north building, essentially shutting down both the auditor's and treasurer's offices, Patrick Leary, associate director of administrative services, said.

Crews responded to the flooding at 6 a.m., but Leary said officials didn't know how long the water had been leaking.

Treasurer Larry Richardson sent his staff home for the day, while the auditor's office worked with a bare-bones staff. "We had to get in there to make sure there was no electrical danger with computers and water," Leary said.

The flooding caused ceiling panels to cave, carpets to soak and even drywall damage, Leary said. If county employees are unsure whether they should return to work today, Leary said they should call their respective offices.