Minutes after stabbing the younger brother of his ex-girlfriend, Nazir Rahimi stomped on the young man's back, then flexed and kissed his own biceps, one man testified Wednesday.

Third District Judge Michele Christiansen ordered Rahimi to stand trial on a murder charge in the stabbing death of Farhad Mullahkhel, 19.

Angel Mercado also testified that he, Mullahkhel and three others went to Rahimi's Murray home April 20 to retrieve Mullahkhel's sister's cell phone that had been taken from her earlier that day by Rahimi. As the unarmed group tried to leave, he said, they were attacked by a knife-wielding Rahimi and his brother.

The brother, armed with a piece of wood, hit Mullahkhel in the back of the head and knocked him onto the ground, Mercado testified. He said the brother then straddled Mullahkhel and held him to the ground while Rahimi stabbed him through the ribs.

"We went to the Rahimi home simply to make peace," said Mullahkhel's sister, Bilquis Mullahkhel.

Defense attorney Roger Blaylock asked Bilquis Mullahkhel if she'd seen a pregnant woman inside Rahimi's home and if she'd seen anyone pulling the woman's hair and kicking her in the back.

She said no and that no one had entered the home.

The hearing was met with mixed emotions between the families of the suspect and the victim. When a medical examiner described Mullahkhel's wounds, several family and friends could be heard crying and trying to muffle sobs.

Rahimi and Mullahkhel are from different areas of Afghanistan. Supporters of both families packed the courtroom. During a recess, one woman complained to a court bailiff that members of the other family had been glaring at her in the courtroom. Before the hearing resumed, Rahimi and Mullahkhel family members were segregated onto different sides of the courtroom.

Rahimi's neighbor Robyn Deans testified she saw a man attacking another man with a knife and also described a girl hitting a man over the head with a board.

"I seen a gentleman with a knife in his left hand swing at another individual," she said. "The other individual ran away and collapsed to the ground."

She said she never saw the man with a knife kiss his biceps but saw that man return to the victim and attack a man who was putting pressure on the stab wound. Dean said the man who was being beaten said, "You stabbed my brother. I'm going to kill you!"

After 5 1/2 hours of testimony, Christiansen found probable cause to believe Rahimi committed the crime and ordered him to stand trial on a murder charge, a first-degree felony.

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