Let me start by saying that I am one of the "right-wing radicals" that Paul Sikora mentioned in his letter ("Word 'socialism' misused," Readers' Forum, June 23). That said, I believe that laying more or higher taxes on individuals and businesses (from each according to his ability) and using the money to "help people" with government-controlled social programs (to each according to his need) is a basic tenet of socialism.

You can call it by any pretty name you choose, but it still amounts to involuntary redistribution of wealth. We right-wing radicals don't like this because we believe in a free-market capitalist society, where each individual decides how to use what he or she has earned. Taxes should be used only for essential services that we cannot reasonably provide for ourselves.

As for "helping people," a study done by Arthur C. Brooks shows that self-proclaimed conservatives voluntarily give away more of their own money, time and even blood than self-proclaimed liberals.

Brian T. Bawden

West Valley City