Party on

If you were apprehended for rioting after the Celtics won the NBA title, last week, you might want to get a lawyer.

Or maybe just consult the guy who was next to you in the squad car.

Among 23 revelers detained in Boston was former prosecutor Gary F. Zerola, who worked in the Suffolk County district attorney's office. He was arrested on charges of assaulting a police officer, disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Boston newspapers said the incident occurred after he was allegedly seen urinating in public by police.

Zerola, who has twice been acquitted on rape charges, was once listed among People magazine's 50 most eligible bachelors.

Yeah, duh!

Who wouldn't want to hook up with a guy like that?

Game faces

You have to appreciate Georgetown center Roy Hibbert's assessment of the Jazz coaching staff at his workout last week.

"Those guys are stone cold over there," Hibbert told reporters. "I can't even get a read on those guys. No smiles over there at all. They're all about business."

Good point. Why don't they lighten up?

Answer: You'd be serious, too, if Greg Ostertag had been your center for 10 years.

The thrill of victory...

This from a chronology of recently deceased broadcaster Jim McKay, published by The Onion: "In 1970, McKay somersaults down a ski ramp alongside tumbling ski jumper Vinko Bogataj in order to better describe the agonizing sensations of defeat."

The Ron-around

As noted in a May Rock On, the Jazz-Lakers series had a preponderance of Rons or Ronnies.

There was Ronnie Price, Ronnie Brewer and Ronny (pronounced Row-nee) Turiaf.

It was also pointed out that all that was needed was to have referees Ron Garretson and Ron Oleskiak show up and it would be a complete RonFest.

If rumors persist, there could be yet another Ron next year.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Kobe Bryant "loves the idea" of Kings forward Ron Artest playing for the Lakers.

All Rock On has to say about that is this: Da-do Ron-Ron-Ron, Da-do Ron-Ron.

RSL rising

If you've been in the area of 9000 South and State lately, you may have noticed that big structure with the wavy roof going up.

That would be Real Salt Lake's new digs.

Plans are still on schedule for an Oct. 9 opening.

Said club spokesman Trey Fitzgerald: "The stadium is just going to come alive."

Want to know what's really amazing?

Considering RSL hasn't lost in a month, maybe the team finally has, too.

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