Lately the Readers' Forum has seen a flurry of letters (and online comments) addressing Mormon perspectives on the upcoming presidential election. I find it curious that one prominent topic has been virtually absent from this discussion: the fact that John McCain's political career, his multiple homes and his travel by private jet during the campaign have all been funded by profits from his wife's alcohol distributorship, Hensley and Co.

Do Mormons in Utah, who just a few months ago were joining church leadership in calling for the limitation of sales of so-called "alcopop" products in state liquor stores, realize that Cindy McCain's company was and is at the center of lobbying efforts in favor of alcopop products? Do they realize that Hensley and Co. actively markets alcopop and caffeinated alcohol products that, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other critics, encourage underage drinking and drunken driving?

Jeremy Grimshaw