Mike Terry, Deseret News
Trent Plaisted shares his feelings leading up to the draft as he fields questions after his workout with the Utah Jazz prior to the 2008 NBA Draft.

Trent Plaisted's Tuesday morning workout with the Utah Jazz ended a few minutes early when the former BYU Cougar struggled to keep down some orange juice that disagreed with him.

The Jazz workout was the last of a dozen workout sessions that took Plaisted across the country the past two weeks. He spent only one weekend with his wife in more than two weeks. Plaisted wore his effort on his face and chest, which were both soaked after the rigorous workout with Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan.

Dripping sweat from his face and head, he spoke to reporters after the session. His workout was staged with a 7-footer from Arkansas. Most workouts he had participated in included six prospects.

"I tried to do my best to show my skills," said Plaisted. "I've been away from this altitude for a while and it had an effect on me, no question."

And what were his skills?

"My speed and athleticism," he said. "At this stage, I can't go out and be somebody I am not. I have to show my strengths and they are what they are," he said.

Plaisted plans a simple family gathering at home for Thursday's NBA Draft. "It's not going to be a Trent Day or anything like that," Plaisted said.

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