"FOOTLOOSE," Rodgers Memorial Theatre, through July 19 (801-298-1302); 2 hours, 15 minutes (one intermission)

CENTERVILLE — The image of Kevin Bacon dancing in the empty warehouse is pretty familiar to most folks around here — especially since the movie "Footloose" was shot in Lehi.

"Footloose," a box office hit in 1984, earned more than $80 million. Filled with chart-topping hits, the soundtrack for "Footloose" was arguably more popular than the movie. Hits such as "Footloose" and "Let's Hear It for the Boy" garnered Oscar, Golden Globe and Grammy nominations.

The stage musical, based on the popular movie, hit Broadway in 1998 to lukewarm reception, although it was nominated for several Tony Awards and has since become a popular musical for high schools and community theaters.

"Footloose" is the latest offering from Rodgers Memorial Theatre, a community theater that has been a great training ground for youths interested in performing. With direction and choreography by Susan Holland, the large cast of kids danced and sang their way through all of the songs from the movie and a few originals written for the stage production.

Though all of the energy was consistent, all of the performances were not — but there were a few standouts.

Randall Eames was delightful as the friend-with-two-left-feet. He was a hick with the perfect mix of charm and well-intentioned fire, and he was quite funny.

And Dave Petersen was wonderful as the Reverend. He had a lovely voice and nice emotion as he worried about his daughter, the townsfolk and the future.

There were also quite a few talented dancers in the chorus, which is good, since Holland's choreography seemed pretty advanced. The one problem with some of the numbers is the choreography just didn't seem to fit the setting of the story. In a small backward town, it's hard to believe that the kids of the town would be doing such complicated dancing with lifts, etc. They all danced well, it just seemed out of place.

The chorus had great harmony, under the direction of Maurie Tarbox, and Tracy Figueroa's costumes were colorful and fun.

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