I have been struggling to find a way to respond to Joe Cannon's announcement last week that the Deseret News will become "more Mormon, more online and more local." It is the "more Mormon" that truly bothers me.

Our family transferred to the Salt Lake City area 35 years ago from Pennsylvania. We fell in love with just about everything. We have also subscribed to the Deseret News for most of this period. We preferred the Deseret News over the Tribune because we thought it was a superior newspaper. The Deseret News never appeared biased in reporting news events or editorials whether they be pro or con official stands taken by the LDS Church. I felt you always maintained the highest ethical and journalistic standards of any public newspaper in the country.

What has happened to change this? What is next? Is KSL-TV going to be changed to more reflect the LDS point of view? Because of your recent announcement, I will be canceling my subscription. This does not seem like a good business decision to me.

Sue Wells