Regarding your editorial "Test-vets deserve care" (June 16), you chastised the Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense for not supporting legislation to give medical care benefits to veterans supposedly exposed to and used as guinea pigs in dangerous chemical and germ tests. You failed to report that the so-called exposure was the subject of a class action suit by the American Vietnam veterans in behalf of these veterans that, as you say, were used as guinea pigs. After four years (2002-06) of adjudication, this case was dismissed by the court for lack of evidence.

I was a deposed witness in this case and testified then as I do now that no ship's crew members were ever exposed to dangerous agents or used as guinea pigs. A study by the National Academy of Science concluded that complaints experienced by these veterans (cancer, lung problems, strokes, heart problems and other ailments) were simply because they are all getting old.

J. Clifton Spendlove, Ph.D.

Former technical director

Plans and Evaluation Directorate

Deseret Test Center

St. George