In honor of the 50th anniversary, kids were asked to pick the hottest colors for 2008. These new crayons will be included in the 64 box this year:

• Best friends: This shade of purple reveals who kids' real BFFs are — their parents — and spending time with them is what kids enjoy most.

• Awesome: This orange shade represents the fact that kids think school is cool and getting good grades feels awesome.

• Giving tree: A shade that shows that kids are thinking green, too, and want to play a part in protecting the Earth.

• Happy ever after: A blue shade that acknowledges the fact that kids want to make a difference and create Cinderella moments for others so everyone's story has a happy ending.

• Fun in the sun: This yellow shade represents riding bikes, playing soccer, skateboarding and gymnastics; kids said the color means that exercise and keeping fit are important and fun.

• Bear hug: A gray hue of harmony as kids want their homes to feel warm and loving just like a great big bear hug.

• Famous: American Idol and shows like it inspired the choice of this bright pink color, as kids believe they can become celebrities just like everyday people who become stars.

• Super happy: Kids don't want to worry, they just want to be happy — super happy — as this bright yellow, and they wish the same for others, too.

The colors that are temporarily renamed are wild strawberry, bittersweet, burnt orange, forest green, asparagus, cornflower, true blue and orchid.