Here are some simple craft ideas for kids that use crayons:

• Have a neighborhood art show. Invite all the kids to submit their favorite drawings. Hang them on trees, bushes, fence posts, house walls, etc., and invite parents to come to the show.

• Make greeting cards out of folded paper or card stock to send to grandparents, relatives and friends. Include a personal message, and you have an instant treasure.

• Make a bouquet of flowers by coloring flowers on card stock. Cut them out and attach to pipe cleaner stems and put them in a colorful vase.

• Take a multiple-photo picture frame, and instead of photos fill it with drawings. Cut pieces of paper or different colored card stock to fit each window, and let kids draw whatever they want.

• Make a butterfly mobile. Draw pictures of butterflies on card stock. Cut them out and attach them with varying lengths of thread or string to the bottom of a hanger.

• Make a nature guide to your backyard. Place a thin piece of paper over tree bark or leaves, and using a leftover stub of crayon without the paper, rub it over the paper to show the texture.

• Color on cloth. Use muslin squares, cotton pillowcases, T-shirts. Let kids draw a picture, place wax paper over it and iron with a hot iron. Muslin squares could be used to make a quilt or wall-hanging.

• Make simple shakers by coloring two paper plates. Lay one with the colored surface down, add a few pebbles or dried beans, cover with the other plate and glue the edges together. Or make a turtle. Color the top to look like a turtle and staple on pieces of felt for head and legs. What other animals can you make?